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Issue #94: 6 Tips for Better Story Ideas
December 28, 2015
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

Here we are at the end of another year. It’s a good time to reflect back on your successes and to plan your goals for next year. If you're reading this e-zine, chances are good that one of your goals is to get your travel stories published.

The thing I love about travel writing is that you can write an article about almost any interesting topic and find a home for it somewhere. Figure out the right angle and find enough outlets to pitch your story to, and someone will be interested in buying it.

It takes some experience to become savvy at recognizing and mining gold nugget ideas, but after a while it becomes easy to know what will sell and what won’t.

If you’re hoping to get more travel stories published in the new year, this week’s featured article offers 6 tips for creating better travel story ideas.

Read the article: 6 Tips for Dreaming Up Better Story Ideas...

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Thanks for letting me be part of your travel writing journey in 2015.

Have a joyful and prosperous 2016!


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