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Issue #219: Are You Making These 7 Travel Writing Mistakes?
August 20, 2018
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What’s The Most Important Attribute for a Freelance Travel Writer?

Successful freelance travel writing requires a combination of skills, but there’s one attribute that seems to stand out above all others. Before I tell you what it is, read these emails that I received a few months ago from two aspiring travel writers:

Email #1: “I've been besieged by an abundance of rejections and no responses. I've poured my heart and soul into pitching with minimal success. Rejection is very hard to take when you know that your ideas have merit. Whatever I'm writing doesn't appeal to editors.”

Email #2 “I am a failure at pitching stories. I either pitch the wrong stories, or I pitch the right stories ineffectively, or I pitch the right stories to the wrong publications.
 I get into projects that interest me and then I try to create stories that will sell. Except that they don’t. I do not seem to have a good sense of what will sell and what won’t sell.”

Both novice writers complained of the same thing—their early attempts at selling their stories had been disastrous. They were disheartened and were contemplating giving up the game.

This is a normal reaction. Most people would walk away from travel writing after these dismal experiences!

Few of today’s flourishing travel writers have escaped the ravages of failure and rejection. But I've seen so many writers persist and eventually break through into the travel writing stratosphere.

In my soon-to-be-released book, “Rock Star Travel Writers” - a series of lengthy interviews with eleven contemporary elite travel writers - one key quality surfaces repeatedly: tenacity. (a.k.a. persistence or perseverance.)

Here’s an amazing story of tenacity from Mark Andrews, one of the travel writers featured in my book:

“I’ve lived in Asia since the end of 1998. My initial writing progress was slow. My real break came after I moved to Shanghai in 2004. There was a large number of English magazines, both lifestyle and business, aimed at expats published there. From 2005 I began to write for a number of these on a sporadic basis.

From 2007 I have worked on a completely freelance basis with no contracted hours. My first two articles paid $150 each. The higher paying breakthrough for me was actually with newspapers, rather than magazines. It was my twentieth article back in 2006 and it appeared in the South China Morning Post, who over the years, have been one of my best customers.

It took me another six years to break into airline magazines and land my best-ever paid article. In 2012 I landed an article in American Way, my first inflight, at $1 a word for 1,200 words.”

It took Mark six years to break into freelance writing! Yet today he makes 100% of his living from freelancing and thoroughly enjoys the lifestyle that comes with it. That’s tenacity.

Here are a few more quotes from some of the other writers featured in our upcoming Rock Star Travel Writers book.

“Certainly, a thick skin and degree of tenacity are things you have to develop very quickly.”

“Ability to handle rejection, tenacity, writing skills, and style versatility.”

Persistence really is key, even if you’re a great writer.”

Perseverance is key; don’t take rejection or editing personally, and just keep working at it if you truly find you have a passion travel and writing.”

Whatever happened to the two writers that sent me those depressing emails a couple of months ago? I just received this email from one of them:

“The month of July (2018) is off to an excellent start. I just got my first byline in United Airlines Hemisphere's magazine about a Hong Kong medicinal snack and my 3rd story for Grand magazine was published. Now I can say I've been published in an inflight magazine! In June, my stories appeared in Destinations, Getting On Travel, Wandering Educators, Canadian Jewish News and Real Food Travelers.”

The second novice writer is still trying to break through. He may or may not succeed. Perhaps I’ll receive a similar “good news” email from him sometime soon.

Tenacity. Persistence. Perseverance. Words to write by.

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Our 2018 Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class is now available as an online course. We recorded it LIVE, for the people who weren’t able to attend in person.

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5. Success Panel of New Travel Writers – 4 video sessions

That’s 63 recorded video sessions in all (20+ hours of training)! It’s broken down into bite-sized pieces so you can absorb it at your own pace, whenever you’re in the mood. And you can go back and listen again to any topic for a refresher and review.

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This Week's Featured Post

Are You Making These 7 Travel Writing Mistakes?

Learning the art and craft of freelance travel writing requires generous amounts of patience and time.

 As with any new endeavor, novice travel writers tend to make certain mistakes.  Experience too many of these at the beginning of your travel writing journey, and you might decide to quit before you give yourself a chance to meet with any success.

These mistakes can easily be avoided if you understand why they’re mistakes, and if you know what to do to avoid them.  

Here are the top seven mistakes beginners make, along with tips about how you can sidestep them …


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