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Issue #24 - No Bylines? No Problem. Here are 5 strategies to use when you don't have clips
August 11, 2014
Greetings Writers!

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Now for the topic of the week.

This issue is for new writers - and the dilemma you face when you don't have any bylines.

Bylines, and writing clips give writers a chance to impress the editor with their experience and examples of their writing style.

This article is about how to catch the editor's attention and convince them you're a professional - even when you can't back it up with bylines.

August 11 Travel Writing Tips:

No Bylines? Five Ways to Pitch Stories When You Don't Have Clips

Beginning travel writers frequently ask, “I don’t have any bylines or writing clips. What do I say to an editor in my query letter when I’m just starting out?”

It feels like an insurmountable obstacle to a new writer. But remember, every experienced writer had to pitch their first article at some point in the past – we’ve all been through it.

And it’s not as much of a disadvantage as you think, so take heart. There are ways of dealing with this.

So, if you’re a new writer, how do you handle a lack of published clips when you’re starting out?

Here are five of my best suggestions on how to handle this so it’s not a problem:

When you don't have bylines, explain convincingly in your query letter why you are the best person to write this article.

If you are an expert on the topic you’re pitching, this will often trump a shortage of bylines. Having experience or knowledge in a specialty area gives you a big advantage over other writers who might be pitching a similar story—even if they’re more seasoned.

Here are some examples:

• A history teacher pitching a story about a historical square or building in Paris will have good credibility with an editor. You’re likely to have good insights about the history of a place because of your experience.

• If you’re a military history or weapons expert, and served in the military, you obviously have good credentials for writing about military battlefields and museums, even if you’ve never been published before.

• If you lived overseas in a particular place, you know where the locals go, the things they do, and have some insights into the culture. You have knowledge that a tourist doesn’t have about the same place.

Everyone has some specialized knowledge or experience. Highlight yours in your query letter.

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That’s all for now.

Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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