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Issue #125: How to Create Your Own Travel Writing Niche
August 08, 2016
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At Home in Chiang Mai

We’ve been in Thailand for 2 months now, so this week was a little different. For our long stay tourist visa we’re required to leave the country every 60 days, so it was time for our first “border run”.

Instead of doing it in one day like many people do, we decided to make it into a long weekend and visit the northern city of Chiang Rai. On Saturday we hired an air-conditioned taxi to drive us to Mae Sai so we could cross the border into Tachilek, Myanmar (formerly Burma).

We spent a couple hours exploring the border town of Tachilek, then headed back to the border crossing, got our passports stamped for the next 60 days, and met up with Joe, our taxi driver, who was waiting for us.

Joe also took us to a number of tourist attractions on the way to the border: the monkey caves, the Black House, a couple temples and a tea plantation. Standard tourist fare but fun nevertheless.

We capped off the day at the Saturday market just across the street from our hotel where we grazed the food stalls for dinner and did a little shopping just for the fun of it.

As I write this we’re wrapping up our final day in Chiang Rai. Today was a more relaxing day with a visit to the White Temple this morning, The White Temple is Thailand’s version of the Taj Mahal and every bit as impressive.

Then we relaxed with a massage in the afternoon. We’ll check out the Night Bazaar tonight and hop on the bus back to Chiang Mai tomorrow. It was a great weekend, and we’re feeling refreshed and ready to go “home”.

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Featured Post: How to Create Your Own Travel Writing Niche

It's not so easy to be a generalist travel writer these days - trying to do what thousands of other generalist travel writers are doing.  It's a rut that can be difficult to escape.

First of all, you have to be really creative to come up with unique story ideas when you're writing about general travel.  And then your ideas have to be something that editors haven’t heard before.

Sure, there will always be a market for the basic “roundup” travel article, but the competition is fierce. 

For example, everyone wants to write about Paris, but editors get tired of being pitched the same kind of roundup story.  And it’s not what they’re looking for.  They're looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives.

And that’s where pitching in specific writing genres can help you.  In other words, I’m talking about developing your own writing genre.  Create your own travel writing niche. 

This is by far the easiest way to get out of the generalist rut.  That’s what I did from the beginning and I’ve never looked back. It’s an exciting approach that keeps you engaged over the long haul.

Here’s how to decide which writing genres to pursue, and a step-by-step approach to creating your unique niche.

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