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Issue #124: Is There a Bright Side to Rejection Letters?
August 02, 2016
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At Home in Chiang Mai

Just when you think the world is all the same, you run into someone new and interesting.

We were on our way to breakfast this morning, and this happy guy was walking past. He was nice enough to stop and let me get a few photos. My wife caught this one from the side as he was posing for me.

We badly wanted to buy one of his beautiful baskets. Unfortunately, with our transient lifestyle common sense ruled and we decided against it.

In hindsight, we’re thinking the next time we see him maybe we’ll decide to buy one anyway.

We’re finding that early morning is the best time to wander around and find unusual things going on in the neighborhood. Of course, everyone is just going about their daily business. But for us it’s new, different and exciting.

We’re still loving our time in Chiang Mai after 2 months here.

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Featured Post: The Bright Side of Rejection Letters

I talk with so many writers who fear rejection. Some writers never get around to sending out their query letters because they’re so afraid of getting the dreaded rejection letter.

Maybe they don't like rejection (who does?) or maybe they see it as criticism.

Whatever the reason, if this is something that holds you back, this post is for you.

What if you can turn your thinking around? Is it possible that rejection letters have a bright side?

Here are three ways to overcome your fear of rejection letters along with some strategies for moving forward even after you’ve received one.

Read the article …

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