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Issue#109: How to Make Money Travel Writing: Think Multiple Income Streams
April 11, 2016
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

Last week marked an exciting breakthrough for We reached over 1,000 subscribers to our weekly marketing tips newsletter!

I’d like to welcome all new subscribers who have signed up over the past few months. I hope you find lots of practical and useful advice to help you get your travel stories published online and in print.

Every week I get emails from aspiring and experienced travel writers alike, telling me that they like the realistic picture I paint of the travel writing life.

Here’s what one writer said recently, in an email:

“Roy, you are an amazing resource for aspiring travel writers, and you provide valuable information without fanfare or self-aggrandizement. What distinguishes your writing about travel writing, is that you come to grips with the business aspects of travel writing, and you do not dodge the tough questions. So I’m sure I speak for many of your readers when I say, thanks!”

(Note from Roy: No, I did not make this up!).

In this e-zine and on my website I try to cover all the things I wish I had known starting out. There’s a lot of outdated information still circulating, and I try to help you sort through what works and what doesn’t work anymore. And if you have any of those “tough questions” to ask, please send me an email.

Besides highlighting our latest post, this weekly e-zine is meant to motivate, inspire and help you work through the highs and lows of freelance travel writing.

Which brings me to this week’s featured post How to Make Money Travel Writing: Think in Multiple Income Streams.

This is the second part in a 3-Part series about earning money and making a living as a freelance travel writer. Judging from the positive comments received for Part 1, I hope you find this week’s article a worthwhile read as well.

Read the article ...

Opening Soon: 2016 Travel Writing Coaching Program

When I started my travel writing career, there were no mentors or coaches available to help me navigate the freelance minefield. I was clueless about how to write sparkling query letters, locate outlets to pitch my stories to, and I certainly needed an expert to critique my work.

I stumbled around blindly, figuring out things on the run. Sometimes I lost assignments because my story ideas and queries were sub-standard, or because I didn’t know what to magazines to pitch.

I also had to learn to spruce up my writing abilities while I wasted a huge amount of time because I was so inept at freelance writing tradecraft.

These are common problems faced by all new writers.

Given the right kind of help, I could have learned processes that work, moved ahead quickly, and had my stories published faster. And more importantly, if I had the right mentoring I would have progressed to higher paying assignments months, maybe years earlier.

On April 25, I’ll be opening registration for my 2016 travel writing coaching and mentoring services for new writers. I only do this twice each year. It’s for writers looking for one-on-one coaching - who want to move forward quickly and get their stories published, instead of stumbling around on their own.

Here’s what one of my coaching clients in 2015 had to say about her experience:

“Roy Stevenson's mentoring service is the perfect solution for an aspiring travel writer. After attending a travel writing workshop, I knew this was the career path for me.    But . . getting started is tricky.  It can be intimidating.  It's overwhelming figuring out where to start.  This is where Roy comes in.

A seasoned, well-published Travel Writing Guru willing to share his knowledge for a nominal fee?  Sign me up!  I took advantage of all of Roy's programs.

With Roy's query approval and a hefty distribution list, I sent off my first query. I got my first paid assignment (3 stories!) from Canoe and Kayak the next day!  I repeated this process for my next story idea and the next.  And I'm thrilled to say I have 5 assignments with three different magazines for an upcoming trip this April.

Roy also showed me how to use my assignments for comps, and I've got freebies for meals and activities lined up for my trip!!  I'll have my first print bylines, and I'm finally starting to feel confident calling myself a Travel Writer.  Roy's mentoring has put me light years ahead of where I was just a month ago.  I highly recommend his programs!!”

- Tracey Schultz, Travel Writer

Be watching for more details about my coaching and mentoring program coming in upcoming newsletters this month.

Call-out to Money-Making Bloggers

I'd like to interview successful travel bloggers who have monetized their blogs and are generating an average income of $1,000/month or more. The interviews are for an article I'm writing for  

I’m interested in the different ways you have parlayed your site into an income: pay-per-click ads, affiliate advertising, sponsored ads, sponsored posts, social media destination promotions, e-books, online courses, etc.

The interview questions will be via email and will only take you 10-15 minutes to answer. In return, if your comments are part of the article you'll get exposure to the 1,000+ subscribers to my weekly e-zine and the article will be permanently posted on, along with a link to your blog.

Please email me at if you'd like to participate in this survey.

Please share this e-zine with friends, family or anyone you know who is interested in travel writing. They can get free marketing and travel writing information by signing up for my e-zine at this link:

Sign up for the free weekly e-zine ...

That's all for this week.

Until next week, you keep pitching.

Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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